LASzip Linux Binaries

The tgz archive linked above contains two subdirectories, bin, which contains binaries built on 64 bit Ubuntu 14.04, and READMEs, which contains unix readable text files, for the following LASzip utilities:

It was created using the following process:

  1. Downloaded from the" website.
  2. Ran the following commands in a terminal on 64 bit Ubuntu 14.04:
      $ unzip
      $ cd LAStools
      $ mkdir LinuxLASzip 
      $ mkdir LinuxLASzip/READMEs
      $ mv bin/las2las_README.txt LinuxLASzip/READMEs/las2las.README
      $ mv bin/lasdiff_README.txt LinuxLASzip/READMEs/lasdiff.README
      $ mv bin/lasinfo_README.txt LinuxLASzip/READMEs/lasinfo.README
      $ mv bin/lasprecision_README.txt LinuxLASzip/READMEs/lasprecision.README
      $ mv bin/txt2las_README.txt LinuxLASzip/READMEs/txt2las.README
      $ mv bin/lasindex_README.txt LinuxLASzip/READMEs/lasindex.README
      $ mv bin/lasmerge_README.txt LinuxLASzip/READMEs/lasmerge.README
      $ mv bin/laszip_README.txt LinuxLASzip/READMEs/laszip.README
      $ rm -rf bin/*
      $ make
      $ mv bin/ LinuxLASzip
      $ dos2unix LinuxLASzip/READMEs/*
      $ tar czvf LinuxLASzip.tgz LinuxLASzip

I'm providing it in the hopes that it will be useful to someone, either to save time or to avoid having to create a build environment in order to use these tools.

After running $ tar xzvf LinuxLASzip.tgz, I moved the binaries into a bin subdirectory in my home directory, and moved the READMEs to a LASzip subdirectory of me Documents directory.

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