GRI Mailing List Tips

Kevin Cole
Gallaudet Research Institute
Copyright © 2001

Here are a few helpful tips that may enhance your mailing list experience.

Information about your mailing lists via the web

You can learn more about any list you participate in, by going to the web page for your list:

Substitute the word list (at the very end of the URL) with the mailing list you are interested in; for example gspp or aaps. If the list is open, and you are not already a member, you can use this page to subscribe to the list. (Closed lists are lists with restricted membership.)

(Ignore what the page says about list archives. I've turned that feature off, because I don't want to clutter up the server's disk space.)


For each list that you are a member of, you have a subscriber password, which most of you will never use. The passwords are automatically generated when you are subscribed to a list. They can be used to change a few things about the way in which you receive mail. (If you are on several lists, you will have several different passwords.) I don't recommend that you change anything without consulting me. However if you are curious or brave, you can have your password for a given list e-mailed to you by going to the bottom of the list information page mentioned above. Once you have your password, you can change it from the information page listed above.

Obtaining human help via e-mail

Each list has one or more list administrators who have special powers above and beyond those of mere list users. If you are having troubles with your list, you can send e-mail to:

Substitute your list name for the word list above     e.g. or Your message will be sent to all adminsitrators of that specific list.

Obtaining automated help via e-mail

You can also view and manage some of your list information via commands sent through e-mail instead of using the web. To do this, send mail to:

with the word help in the subject line. (As always, substitute your list name for the word list above     e.g. or

Getting a list of members' addresses

By using the word who in the subject line of a message to, you can obtain a roster of all the members in your mailing list. (You can also get the roster from the bottom of the list information web page mentioned at the top of this article, if you know your password.)

Restrictions on commands

NOTE: Some commands are only available to subscribers of a particular list. If you receive a message saying that your request could not be completed and you know that you are a member of the list, it usually means that your subscription address is not the same as the address you that you sent the request from. For example, if you subscribed as, but then set your forwarding address to, you will get your e-mail okay, but you will not be able to send the who command from your AOL account because the system only knows about

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