WordPerfect 4.2 and WP Office now on the VAX

WordPerfect users will now be able to create and edit their documents on the VAX using WordPerfect 4.2. In order to use it, users should be logged in on a VT-100, VT-220, or VT-320 terminal. Both files created with WordPerfect 4.2 on a PC and those created using the VAX version are compatible with each other. However, the keys used for the commands are different, since the VAX was not designed to be used from a PC. For example, the VT terminals do not have an ALT key, and so functions in WP which make use of the ALT must be implemented another way.

To start WordPerfect, simply log in at any VT-100, VT-220 or VT-320 terminal and type WP at the $ prompt. To obtain help on positions of the commands and functions available to you, strike the 9 on the numeric keypad at the right. Then strike it a second time and choose a keyboard diagram from the menu provided.

Also available is WP OFFICE, which provides VAX users with an alternate Mail system, a Calendar for appointments, a database system known as NOTEBOOK, and a Status Board system which allows offices to "keep track" of people within that office.

To start it, type OFFICE at the $ prompt. Since most of the menus in OFFICE use VT-220 function keys, it is easiest to use from a VT- 220 (or compatible) terminal. The VT-100's can also be used, but the menus at the bottom of the screen will be inaccurate. Once again, the numeric keypad 9 is your HELP key and striking it twice will often (not always) call up a diagram on the screen showing you where the keys are.

It is possible to use these programs from a PC, but users must know how their communications package handles keyboard emulation. In other words, the users need to be able to find the keys that the VAX wants to see. More on this topic in a future issue.