History Of Information Technology Project: Current Technologies


  • Learn about emergining advances in information technology

What to do

This project will be a running project throughout the entire year. Your job is to research articles about new technologies coming out. Every three weeks or so you will bring in an article that talks about a new technology (either just came out or about to come out). As a class that today you will discuss each persons article and the technology that goes with it. The goal is to have a good understanding of how new technologies come around and how quickly they spring up. If we were to discuss one technology that came out today, by the time you actually read this it will be old news and some other technology might even already be around to make it better or replace it.

When you are picking your articles you should look for any important technologies but also try to find some that most people might not have heard of. The more variety of technologies and articles people have, the more the entire class will learn about emerging technologies. Pay attention to any trends you see in these emerginig technologies. Look at the changes from a current technology to its predecesors and future plans for that technology. Also take note of how these emerging technolgies relate to the Internet.