Python for Fun

Purpose of this Collection

This collection is a presentation of fairly small Python programs. They are aimed at intermediate programmers; people who have studied Python and are fairly comfortable with basic recursion and object oriented techniques. Most programs are very short, not more than a couple of pages and all projects are accompanied with a write-up.

I have found Python to be an excellent language to express algorithms clearly. Some of the ideas here originated in other programs in other languages. But in most cases I developed code from scratch from just an outline of an idea. But one, Lisp in Python was almost a translation exercise from John McCarthy's original Evalquote in Lisp.

From many years of programming these are some of my favorite programs. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I look forward to hearing from readers, especially those with suggestions for improvements, ideas for new projects, or people who are doing similar things. You can email me at mailme.html

Many thanks to Paul Carduner and Jeff Elkner for their work on this page, especially for Paul's graphic of Psyltherin (apologies to Harry Potter) and to the teams behind reStructured text and Sphinx to which the web pages in this collection have been adapted.

Chris Meyers - Feb 6, 2018

The Collection

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