The Tutorial Collection

Kevin Cole
Gallaudet Research Institute
Copyright © 1994

The following articles are a series of tutorials and tips that I have written over the past several years. Most have been taken from articles in a computer conferencing system known as VAX Notes (a VAX/VMS product). They are not necessarily up-to-date, and I'm still converting them from whatever form they were originally in, to HTML, but most are quite short. I hope they prove of use.

NOTE: Many of these tutorials use "tables", an HTML feature which CANNOT be viewed properly with Lynx, or older versions of Netscape or Mosaic. In order to see the tables in a readable form you should upgrade your browser to Netscape 1.1 or Mosaic 2.0 (at least). However, even if you cannot read the tables, you can still get useful information from the tutorials.

More to come...